A new industrial revolution

“The development of Smart Industry is a phrase which means far reaching digitalization and integration of machines, means of production and organizations (the ‘internet of things’), resulting in the creation of new ways of manufacturing and new business models.”

We help companies to apply these new business models. Within the process and manufacturing industry we are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions, which will contribute to process improvements with our clients.

The result of these solutions ensures to keep the process manageable, improve its quality and reduce costs.


From our head office we are able to connect companies en people with each other. The regional offices are there to ensure a proper customer experience and straightforward cooperation.


Head office


The Netherlands

Regional office



Regional office


Consultancy. Improve your operational processes.

Improve your operational processes with our consultancy solutions regarding sales, engineering and production.

We believe that we can be of assistance to every company in the manufacturing industry, by implementing improvements step by step. Our goals are to provide you with insights into the current level of technology and the industrial innovations, which we will adapt to your company’s situation before commissioning.

We will realize your companies’ objectives together with our team, qualified partners and a proven working method.


Engineering. Ensure capacity.

Connect qualified designers and engineers to your industry-specific projects or directly to your operational process.

We translate our customers’ needs to qualified candidates within our recruitment process. We have a core team available for project-based jobs. We can also provide office space for secondment. These working spots come with company systems and necessary working instructions. This allows us to provide you with a hybrid version of outsourcing the engineering, with you in full control of the execution.


Production. Outsourcing and unbundling.

Outsource part of your production or unbundle the manufacturing and assembly process to our facilities.

Bursa is the fourth biggest city in Turkey and is known for its textile and automotive industries. We work with our partners in close cooperation for the production of semi-manufactured and finished products. We also facilitate Western European companies in unbundling their manufacturing processes to Turkey. With a focus on providing a facility with assembly and montage capacity.

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