A lot of hard work is currently being done behind the scenes. An update of our website and social media channels. We have chosen to keep the website accessible. The information currently available on the website may therefore not be up-to-date.

We strive to provide companies in the process and manufacturing industry with the right information at the right time. To achieve this, we need to integrate our processes with online applications. Thanks to the growth of our company, we are able to lay the basis for Digital Marketing.

You can of course rely on our services regarding consultancy, engineering and production. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

  • +31 (0)33 200 30 20

  • info@fabricon.eu

What are we doing?

The basis for Digital Marketing involves work on the following items:

  • Redesign website

  • Social media

  • Language module

  • CRM integration

  • SEO