Model-Based Definition is a new methodology that provides the production process with a complete digital model. Thanks to this model, the need for 2D production drawings, as an information carrier, will be eliminated.

The Model-Based Definition (MBD) represents a trend in Computer-aided Design (CAD) that promises a shorter time-to-market and improved product quality. The main goal is to improve and speed up the design, production and inspection processes by integrating notes directly into a 3D CAD model, eliminating the need to generate technical 2D drawings.


Within the 3D CAD model you have the option to place generic texts. Depending on the chosen CAD software, you can place annotations for the following items:

  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)

  • Hole / thread

  • Surface texture

Transition to MBD

With our services we help companies in the transition to Model-Based Definition. Based on a 3D CAD-model, we take on the role of a draftsman and make the 2D layouts for production. We do the work with the desired CAD software and associated standard until the moment that MBD is fully accepted within the supply chain.

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