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Dit event is voorbij.

The 2D drawing has been replaced by 3D PMI (Product Manufacturing Information in 3D).
Various brainstorm sessions with ASML suppliers have revealed the challenges for downstream re-use of 3D PMI. They defined the requirements to benefit from the Model Based Definition.

Why is this MBD Solutions Event being organized?

The goal of this MBD Solutions Event is to showcase the mature solutions / product offerings to ASML suppliers, their sub-contractors and other interested manufacturers, addressing these gathered requirements. There will be a ‘Solutions Square’ where the Solution Providers have a booth and can inform visitors about their 3D PMI solutions during the whole day. Almost all solution providers will give presentations or demonstrations of specific solutions they are offering. In total about 20 presentations will be given, spread over 4 rooms every hour (5x) during the day. See the program tab for more detailed information.

What is the ASML 3D PMI project about?

Model Based Definition is part of ASML’s digital enterprise. The ASML 3D PMI project is responsible for implementing the creation and use of ASML 3D PMI TPD (Technical Product Documentation).
The ASML 3D PMI project went live in July 2018. This means that suppliers of ASML  are working with the 3D PMI TPDs’ since then.  The first step is to get used to the 3D information instead of receiving the 2D drawing. The next step is to benefit from the digital way of working. The 3D PMI project supports the supply chain to make these steps. The MBD Solutions Event is a result of a good cooperation between ASML and it’s supply chain. Be part of it and benefit from the digital enterprise.


All lectures will be in English.